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HYPD Supps PMV Darkside


Experience the most powerful non caffeinated, pre-workout on the market. PMV DARKSIDE. Designed to produce an increase in muscle volume and power by driving nutrients and blood-flow to your muscles for increased training capacity. This powerful formula can be taken as a standalone pre-workout, or stacked with your favorite stimulant based pre-workout for an unparalleled workout experience. 

Excellent for athletes looking for increased blood-flow, endurance, and stamina to take their workouts to the next level. 

-CRAZY PUMP- 4g Citrulline - 750mg Nitrosigine - 4g Beta Alanine

-MUSCLE VOLUME- 4g Glycerol Monosterate

-POWER Boost- 4g Betaine

-Inhibit Free Radicals- 200mg Spectra