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Anabolic Warfare Meal Replacement Light

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Meal Replacement Protein Light is a whole-food protein blend heavily inspired by our Meal Replacement Protein. Each serving is packed with 25-26g of high-quality dairy-free protein along with essential nutrients and carbs to keep you pushing through your training without hurting your waistline.


  • WHOLE FOODS - It is often argued that the nutrients from whole foods are some of the best nutrients around. For that reason, we created Meal Replacement Protein Light. This whole-food protein blend is heavily inspired by our Meal Replacement Protein. Each scoop is packed with 25-26g grams of dairy-free protein. 
  • DELICIOUS & DAIRY-FREE - Tired of dairy-free protein powders that lack the taste of whey protein? So are we! Meal Replacement Protein Light is available in 3 delicious flavors.
  • MACROS IN CHECK- Many meal replacement protein blends are packed with carbs. Each scoop of Meal Replacement Protein Light only contains 3g of carbohydrates. 
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS - Manufactured using Good Manufacturing Practices and high-quality ingredients for a premium meal replacement protein. Every ingredient was meticulously researched and selected based on safety, potency, and effectiveness.