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Body Effects It is an appetite suppressing, mood enhancing, energy booster that is targeted towards both men & women who are looking to advance their fitness journey, manage their appetite, enhance their mood or boost their energy.

Increased metabolism
Reduced water retention
May assist with fat loss
Enhances mood and energy
This stellar product contains:

3g of CLA the most effective natural agent PEA (PhenylEthylAmine) to control cravings and reduce stress that may assist thermogenesis.
Guarana for increased energy
Green Tea Leaf for increased metabolism
Dandelion Leaf to reduce water retention
8g of fibre which will cleanse the internal organs and may stimulate the weight loss process
As you can see, unlike many supplements hitting the market which are loaded with artificial stimulants, Body Effects is stacked with quality, natural ingredients. Never again will you be left feeling sick, anxious or spaced out.